The 18-Year-Old Who Wrote a Note and Disappeared

This diary is the second season of “The Bright Side of the Doom”. It is based on facts that happened in 1984.

– Thommy Jannot, 40 years after the events

Thomas Jannot, born in 1965 in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt), has lived in Bad Aibling (Bavaria) since 1993. He has run a small publishing house there since 2006, producing editorial content for companies.

Before that, he worked for more than two decades as managing editor and editor-in-chief in international magazine publishing houses and wrote five specialist books on the side. Having fled the GDR in 1984, he is interested in everything to do with it.

His diary begins in real time on Friday, January 6, 1984. The most recent entries will also appear on Facebook in German. We’ll also keep you up to date on Linkedin with a German newsletter. The latest entries translated into English will follow with a little time delay.

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