The Bright Side of the Doom

This book is the first season of „The 18-Year-Old Who Wrote a Note and Disappeared“. It is based on facts that happened between 1933 and 1989.

– Manfred Jannot at the age of 90

Manfred Jannot, born in 1933 in Ahlsdorf (Saxony-Anhalt), has lived in Leipzig (Saxony) since 1968. He studied education there and graduated as a teacher. He previously worked as a qualified welder and pipe fitter.

He was later involved in the construction of the Druschba line. Until reunification, he managed a department of the municipal housing administration in Leipzig. He has also been making music as a singer and guitarist for decades.

His book starts with „First Memories“ in 1933 and ends with the fall of the Berlin Wall. We will keep you updated on the latest entries with a weekly newsletter on Linkedin.

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